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Effectively build a keyword list

There are a multitude of factors that should be considered when you optimize your web site. When developing great web copy that will provide valuable visitor information and great natural search engine results, begin by building a keyword list. Here are a few ideas to help get your keyword research started. Here are the steps […]

Keys to successful writing for the web

Understanding that content and written articles meant for business print does not invariably render suitably to the online universe of effective writing for the web. The rules that work on writing organic web content for online business websites are different than those for business text articles; excellent content created off-line does not consequently measure up […]

Plan Your Website

The subsequent article contains information that will assist you when you build a web site. When I speak with clients regarding their business websites, I strongly recommend that when they create a web site, it needs to uphold their business objectives. To me, their professional website is an extension of their overall business and must […]