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10 Mobile SEO Tactics

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10 Mobile SEO Tactics To Add To Your Mobile Strategy

Today’s explosive mobile growth, especially with the abundance of smartphones, mobile OS and apps, makes mobile SEO a very big deal. Knowing that most mobile users use their mobile devices for communications with others (1 to 1 and 1 to many), consumption of media (videos, texts, images, games), and location based searches, here are a few mobile SEO tactics to help keep your business mobile strategy on track for seo

  1. Know your mobile traffic Use your analytic data to monitor the size of your mobile audience and learn how they engage with your brand on mobile platforms and mobile devices.
  2. Become friends with bots Google implemented a mobile specific user agent to diagnose mobile site structure and technical issues that may impede a quality mobile user experience. Use this data to refine your mobile SEO strategy. Do not block Googlebot from your mobile site, allow access for all crawlers to both standard and mobile websites to fully index site architecture and to consolidate popularity signals. Check your robots.txt file!
  3. Be responsive For most small businesses, responsive design provides a cost effective way to deliver your brand massage to your mobile audience. Task oriented responsive design further improves the visitor experience.
  4. Hurl a single URL For most businesses, a single URL strategy, deployed via responsive design, is the best approach to deliver your brand message online. Other options are available, dynamic serving or parallel subdomain or subdirectory work as well, but they may require additional technical expertise for implementation and can increase long term costs to maintain.
  5. Mobile canonical A nice to have idea, on regular URLs, add rel=alternate pointing to corresponding mobile URLs. Correspondingly for mobile URLs, add rel=canonical pointing to corresponding regular URLs.
  6. Make indexation crayon clear Do you have a mobile XML site map if your mobile site is considerably different from you regular site? Make it simple, mirror your URLS, make mobile URLs the same as regular URLs.
  7. Be fast, be clean To best prevent crawlability obstacles, keep your code, avoid “code bloat”, don’t use Flash, excessive JavaScript or too much heavy tracking and analytics packages. Search for speed improvements with lighter code, mobile specific content, compressed imagery, smaller slide shows, and improved video platforms. Remember that most mobile visitors are frequently restricted by slower connections and have little patience for slow loading pages.
  8. Understand Referral Sources This is similar to know your mobile audience. If many of your mobile visitors are heavily engaged on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, knowing this fact matters. Some social platforms are geared towards mobile more than any other platforms. Email falls into this category too, as more than 2/3 of emails are viewed on a mobile device.
  9. Concise Content Optimize your mobile content to support mobile visitor intent. Make it easy and simple to complete tasks in as few actions as possible. Make sure your most important page elements and content is identified with short mobile friendly keywords.
  10. Mobile visitors are different Many mobile interactions happen at home or work as a second screen engagement, often while using a laptop or watching TV. When mobile sessions do occur on the go, consider how you have positioned your brand locally. Hyper-location rules in the mobile world, semantic markup using can improve your visibility for business category identification, business location, positive reviews and special events or promotions.

Mobile SEO is ever changing and rapidly evolving. The dynamic nature of mobile platform change requires some effort of monitoring and willingness to embrace change rapidly. Be on the lookout for emerging social networks or hot apps, they often power a tremendous amount of mobile user engagement. Your mobile SEO strategy needs to account for the high degree of volatility in the mobile space, be every ready to apply new mobile SEO tactics and techniques to succeed by offering the best mobile user experience to your audience. #mobileseo

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