Least Known On-Page Optimization Techniques

These little used on page optimization tactics can significantly increase your organic traffic when added into your overall grassroots SEO strategy.

1. Readability level

Readability level is a measure of how easy or hard it is to read a webpage. Internet users range from young primary school pupils to retired and elderly people. If your webpage language resembles that of a legal document, how many users would read and understand it? Many would have to sit with a dictionary and still have doubts. Therefore as you write, consider the readability level of your articles and make sure that they are easy to read and understand. Note that Google arranges search results according to reading level scores among other factors. Use a reliable tool to weed out spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and grammatical errors.

2. Embed content related videos

The human mind can remember visual information more easily than text. Videos increase the average time that users spend on a webpage. Consider if you embed a 2-minute video in your article. Some users will watch that video and also spend time to read the article. This means that the average time spent by a user on that particular webpage is increased. The good thing about sites on which visitors spend more time is that Google gives them a lot of importance. So before you publish an article, check for interesting videos on popular video sites like YouTube. You should only embed videos that are directly related to your content.

3. Reader comments and reviews

Readers will leave comments on a website if they found it helpful. Comments are important in helping Google to understand the context of a website. Thus go through the comments, look for and approve those that contain your target keywords. Comments that contain one or two keywords are very valuable because they add up to the content of the article. This will consequently increase the organic traffic to your site.

4. Internal linking structure

Internal site linking or sidebar linking involves adding a link to a webpage from the sidebar. Creating a sidebar link that points to an internal article is a form of interlinking that is fully supported by Google. A site wide link is such a valuable interlink because it has the potential of drawing traffic from all the other webpages of a website. Thus you should have an increase in organic traffic of the webpage that the sidebar link points to.

On Page Optimization Beyond The Basics

Using the above on-page optimization techniques will go a long way in helping you capture more organic traffic from your competitors.