Landing Page Optimization Secrets

Here are some strategies that will help you achieve success in landing page optimization:

landing page optimization1. Clearly state the value of your offer

A visitor who does not know what you are offering will not care to continue reading your content. A landing page whose value proposition is not clear will turn people off. Therefore, let your audience know the benefits of spending time on your website. Clearly inform them why they should read what is on your page. Your landing page should convince visitors that they are in the right place. As you do this, avoid commanding statements and focus on giving value to your visitors.

2. Avoid commanding, pushy and arrogant headlines

Your headlines will determine if visitors will be convinced to continue reading or press the ‘back’ button on their browser. A good headline should convince visitors that it is worthwhile to stay on your webpage. Pushy, arrogant and commanding headlines will turn visitors off. Too much hype on your headlines is also not necessary. Let the value of your offer be clearly and honestly stated in your headlines. Always use friendly and welcoming words.

3. Be specific about your offer

Capture the attention of every visitor by being specific about your offer. Use bullets or numbers to list the benefits that target audience should expect from your website. This will guide your reader’s eye and demonstrate your offer in a tangible manner. Win the trust of your visitors by stating your offer in a specific and self explanatory manner. This will encourage them to continue reading and interact with your website more. Exaggerated claims and false promises will annoy your online visitors.

Implement the above three strategies and see your online marketing efforts improve drastically. Your offer will be more compelling to the target audience, thus increase your conversion rate. Figure out what you want your visitors to do and then make it easy for them to so.