Target Your Website for High Performance

Target Your Website for High Performance

Whether you are launching a single site or a large e-commerce venture, identifying your target market from the start is an important step in grassroots SEO. Successful websites put their efforts into reaching a very specific target market, sometimes without even knowing it. A well planned SEO strategy can increase your chances for success by identifying your site’s target audience before you jump into a specific SEO tactic or online campaign to drive traffic to your domain.

How do I define my target audience?

The core audience or group of visitors (or buyers) that you want to visit your website is your primary target market. These visitors can and should be identified and described in detail before you start designing your website. This is tailor the web site marketing plan and marketing tactics to help those around the target return on investment (ROI), which basically means that you get the most for your time and money to maximize.

A target is described by the demographic and or defined user behavior profiles. These key metrics include many personal and social information, such as:

  • Age Groups
  • Genders
  • Nationalities or ethnic
  • Income levels
  • Marital status
  • Education levels
  • Location
  • Either they have children
  • Social or occupational groupings (jobs, industry, social class, etc.)
  • Interests (a hobby, musical preferences, favorite sports, etc.)

5 SEO Tactics

In choosing a site or target market for your grassroots SEO efforts, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  1. The size of the audience.
  2. Are they are growing or shrinking.
  3. Whether there is a demand for the website or online business in that audience.
  4. Whether is would be easy to make money target market. (For example, you would not sell high-end electronics for a low income target market and you would not run a content site exclusively on ad revenue if your audience is traditionally “ad blind.” )
  5. Things that affect members of the target market. (For example, they would be more responsive to paid advertising on other sites, or they would be more affected by a referral from a friend, while focusing on viral marketing would be best?)

After having identified a site targeted, specific marketing tactic can be modeled around their interaction and behavior. Using the best SEO tactics and SEO tools increases your chances for success. This helps you to consolidate your grassroots SEO efforts, which saves time and money when the market a website or online business.