World Wide Web at 30

On the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web’s birthday, one of the web founders Sir Tim Berners-Lee expressed his opinions on the current state of the web and offered insights into the direction the next 30 years the web might move. As half of the worlds’ population is now online, the digital divide continues to grow between those that have access and those that do not have access.

contract for the webThe opportunities created, the businesses generated, economies that thrive and prosper from the web continue to develop and evolve. Many of the negative aspects the web has created such as scammers, hate rhetoric, crimes of all sorts have also given a way for communities to sprout and given a voice to marginalized groups for good. People have formed communities of like minded individuals that share information, insight and inspiration.

Sir Tim’s primary message today is to build a new Contract for the Web that works with governments, companies and citizens to reshape the web for the public good as a recognized human right.

It is up to the citizens of the web to hold both companies and governments accountable for the direction of the decisions that they make and demand that the global community works for all citizens. It is vital to foster constructive dialogues online and push for consent of our digital rights. It is our responsibility to help shape the web for the next 30 years.

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