Plan Your Website

The subsequent article contains information that will assist you when you build a web site. When I speak with clients regarding their
business websites, I strongly recommend that when they create a web site, it needs to uphold their business objectives. To me, their professional website is an extension of their overall business and must support their business objectives. Following a review of their overall enterprise objectives and evaluating their website, I then address some of these issues:

  • How will their business make money?
  • Who is their primary intended audience?
  • What do they want their business website to accomplish?
  • How can their web site be used to help their business?

If your are looking to make your own web site out of necessity, will you ponder this, too many professional sites are poorly planned and not very well thought out leaving these sites under-utilized. A successful business website is a more than just a nice design. To many business owners, it’s better to build a web site, any website, no matter how poorly it is thought out and designed. To be truly successful online, and generate ROI, you must look at how your website will positively support your business.

When your business is all web-based, it is much more important to identify your website’s objectives and how it will support your small business. A well designed and clearly defined website operating a web-based business will not distract your visitors, it will draw their eyes to those actions which make your business money.

Clearly identified “calls to action” are critically important your overall plan and to website conversions. When you build a web site, remember that success and value from your web site must be monitored and measured. Your website metrics should support the core metrics of your overall business. As an example of a metric, you might want to measure the number of unique website visitors to the number of website generated leads.

I hope this information above was useful. Thanks for reading, and if you make your own web site or have it done professionally, good luck creating a successful website that supports your business objectives.