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3 Hidden Google Analytics Tools

Top 3 Google Analytics Tools That Go Untouched

Have you been analyzing, tracking, and engaging your customers enough on your search engine optimization campaign? Have you been using the right Google Analytics tools to promote and increase your business’ visibility? These are among the top-questions that have been hitting the minds of website owners and marketing specialists regularly. Google Analytics is an essential technique used by content marketers to understand reports and read-out audiences specifications.

Google Analytics plays a vital role in helping marketing consultants understand the links that lead to high conversions, types of content that grabs readers attention, and the most used platforms in online marketing. Statistics have it that more than 70% of companies use Google Analytics to analyze, track, and understand their data. A good number of marketers are well-versed with the commonly used data analyzation tools. Here are Google Analytics features that go unnoticed in the marketing sector.

google analytics1. Website Search Bar

Searching for content on websites has now become easier than ever. Nowadays, all sites have a search bar that narrows down the general search process. Site search bar feature is primarily contributing towards improving business visibility and generating real traffic for websites.

Scroll down the settings and switch on your Google Analytics feature. Turning on the feature will allow you to filter unwanted traffic and data that can negatively skew your reports.

2. Flow Visualization Feature

Tracking down and marking where users bounced from your website and whether there was a record of conversions is essential. You don’t want to lose your frequent visitors by failing to understand their preferences. This feature works by measuring the conversion rate of your website all the time.

3. The Social segment feature

Google Analytics plays a significant role in social media platforms and content marketing. Trackbacks help content marketers track down how social media platforms generate ultimate conversions and drive traffic to websites. Use the Trackbacks feature to analyze visitors who have been linked to the content on your website in a more effective manner.

Some of the tools of Google Analytics go unnoticed and untouched in the content marketing industry. Utilize the above-highlighted features to achieve an all-effective search engine optimization campaign. You don’t want to lose traffic to your top competitors. Try out these simple Google Analytics features to generate more traffic to your website and track down the path followed by your potential visitors.