Identify your niche with strategic internet marketing

There are several generic, and basic forms of strategic internet marketing, and most can work for a broad class of websites and online businesses through the different web site search engine optimization tactics available. In the online world, with affordable search engine optimization you need to choose your target niche market too. While selecting your target market seems unimportant, it will waste a lot of online marketing dollars if done incorrectly. When you sharpen your focus with strategic internet marketing, and properly identify your target market and users, you will be able to market your business online more cost effectively.

So, why is strategic internet marketing important? Your target market is the group of people or companies to which your business aims to sell its products or services. Well, you say, “I want to sell to everyone. Why should I pick just one group?” There’s an old marketing saying that goes like this “Target everyone and you target no one”. How can you develop effective web site search engine optimization strategies without knowing who you’re talking to.

You need to differentiate itself from competition in order to survive. Consider these customer characteristics when your develop an affordable search engine optimization strategy:

1.Geographic. The first area to consider when researching your target market is geographic, people or businesses in a certain area. Each geographic area is unique and has it’s own identity.

2.Demographic. The second area identifies the basic qualities and characteristics of your target market. They may include age, gender, culture, employment, industry, income level, marital status, etc. Collecting information about your current or past clients may help show things they have in common which will help in future marketing. Using your web log data is vital here.

3.Behavioral. These are made up of the emotional and behavioral qualities of your target market. They include the emotion, reasoning, psychology, logic and thought processes behind your target markets decision to buy your product. It’s really important to understand what motivates them to buy.

Upon completion of a thorough strategic internet marketing review of the target marketing metrics listed above, it’s then time to select your web site search engine optimization approach. You will need to determine what most influences your target market. Then evaluate your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and their internet marketing tactics. With this information in hand, you are now ready to create a strategic internet marketing plan, including a your online marketing budget.

Start your plan by selecting the most affordable search engine optimization tactics for your website. These may include;

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – link-building, keyword optimization, etc.
2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – search engine advertising, also called pay per click advertising or PPC.
3. Viral Marketing – video / file-sharing, tell-a-friend, etc.
4. Affiliate Marketing – having others sell your products for a percentage
5. Online PR – online press releases, blogging, etc.

As a part of creating a strategic internet marketing initiative, list all possible affordable search engine optimization techniques that fit your budget and have the potential to reach your target market. Once you have a master list for web site search engine optimization, run each through the following checklist to narrow down the best options, and create your final list for your strategic internet marketing plan for your website or online business.

A successful search engine marketing plan will include these elements:

1. It will reach your identified target market.
2. It will set your website apart from your competition.
3. It Will fit within your online marketing budget for your website.

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