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Mobile SEO Strategy

Do you need a dedicated mobile SEO strategy?

The most common answer will be yes, but is that the best answer? A deeper dive into online user behaviors may suggest otherwise. The line between desktop and mobile has become blurred, as more and more online visitors rarely see a clear distinction between mobile and desktop and their internet devices. To most internet users, mobile is simply an extension of online connectivity.

Most of your audience will not stop to think about searching from different devices, to them it’s about simple quick access to the Internet.  How that “always on” access happens includes:

  • Device agnostic as long as the information is the same
  • Personalized across secured platforms
  • Quick, responsive and relevant

Desktops, notebooks, tablets and phone are trending towards a seamless hand-off from one device to another or one platform to another.  Laptops now incorporate touch screens, apps and ins ton on features similar to mobile and tablets, while mobile products improve internal performance and keyboard accessibility.

mobile_300x201There is no “line” on the Internet
If your audience doesn’t stop to think about mobile as a separate thing and if most of your brand proposition and information is “out there” online and access is increasingly blurred across devices, then the question becomes do you really need a mobile only strategy? What if you decide that a single focused mobile SEO strategy is best?

Consider that, a single strategy, mobile focused.  Let’s make every digital strategy a mobile strategy. Consider the outcomes of this simple approach, what would this look like for your business?  This omnipresent approach needs to mirror your audience behavior across multiple platforms and devices to maximize value delivery to them.

Omni-channel marketing includes mobile

The distinction of “mobile only” is lost as far as the average person is concerned. Which means your online strategy will have to work double and triple duty to play nicely with this ubiquity. Your mobile focused strategy needs to support how people fundamentally engage with their devices:

  • for communicating with other people or peoples
  • for consuming their favorite media (text, images, video)
  • for seeking answers

As a business owner or professional service provider, you can see the branding and marketing opportunities by providing user value in any of the use cases listed above.  To further provide an awesome experience for your audience consider these things as well:

  • The platform – what can your website / blog do in the new web environment?
  • The content – the strategy, the schedule, the development, and the tactical deployment
  • The audience – where are they and how can you best reach them? What do you want them to do next?

Most importantly for your mobile focused strategy, how will you define success? What are the quantifiable KPIs that you will use to measure and monitor performance? How will these key performance indicators help you refine your mobile focused strategy going forward?

Simple, right? Maybe, but then again maybe not. Adopting a single mobile focused strategy sounds easy enough at first pass, but execution of this strategy is something different altogether. You will succeed as long as every step of your mobile marketing strategy includes a focus on mobile and a focus on how your audience engages with your brand message on their mobile devices.

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