Create a web site

Spend some time planning the web site layout and design, before you create a web site or e-commerce web site. Plan your website design with your business objectives and target audience in mind. Clearly define if you will use your new web site as a vehicle to provide information, or will you build an e-commerce web site to sell your products and services?

A simple way to create a web site is to use index cards to map out each potential web page. Index cards are easy to rearrange to help you with your web site design. Whatever your objective is for the web site design, plan to build your web site professionally, and remember that it is most important to have your site very well organized with simple navigation and clear “calls to action”.

With your web site design, keep your site’s theme colors appropriate to your business topic. Colors are representative of your business image. Do not use too many different colors when you create a web site. All of the colors you choose need to compliment each other. Photographs and images can help you personalize and promote your ideas, products, and services. In the website design, make your site text easy to read using text colors that contrast well with your website background.

When you create a web site, web content is extremely critical. The web content must be suitable to the planned purpose of your web site design theme. The web content needs to target your desired audience and support your web site objectives.

It is best to use a single subject or theme per web page in the website design. Each page should contain at least 250 words, but do not overwhelm your target audience with too much information. Create a web site with a simple layout and graphics that clearly communicate your message with a clear calls to action. Build your website home page to be responsive to the needs of your target audience. Start building your website or e-commerce website today!

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