Find An SEO Mentor

SEO Mentor

Tips for Discovering Your New SEO Mentor

  • A mentor acts as a teacher or trusted guru
  • If you can not get hold of a mentor on your own, there’s online mentor services available
  • Look for mentor groups on Linked In or Meet Up in the most relevant industries for you
  • Begin by getting to understand yourself and what you want out of life and your business, how can your mentor help you grow and improve
  • Ask around, who has inspired others that you’ve met on your way to the shops
  • Search the right places, where would someone do what you want to visit
  • Has a purpose and make it clear to mentor what you want to achieve
  • Think about the properties of your mentor or teacher should have
  • Do not be afraid to approach a person, even if you think they are not interested in mentoring, many people are willing to help and glad to find that they inspire others
  • A mentor does not necessarily have to be older than you, that’s a common misconception peers are great mentors
  • Makes the relationship a chance for growth for both you and mentor, to find ways to cooperate and help each other and learn together